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Try your hand at a new kind of recipe with four springtime flower arrangements—free this month for Artisan Cookbook Club members.

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Plants are the best way to freshen the look of any room, and now the ultimate inspiration has arrived in The Plant Recipe Book, a guide to creating long-lasting living arrangements. Here are 100 easily replicable “recipes,” each with a list of plant varieties and soils, expert tips for care and feeding, and glorious full-color photos to guide you through the steps. Pots and vases are used, of course, but so are picture frames, salad bowls, and moss-covered branches. With just a few simple tricks, you'll soon be making a dramatic centerpiece overflowing with echeverias, an elegant wall hanging of air plants, or a sunny primrose potting for your bedside table.

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This gorgeous array of succulents is up for grabs! Enter to win this Echeveria arrangement—which can be hung on a wall or placed on a table—by clicking here.

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