Workman Author to Co-Judge “Worst Prom Story” Contest

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Did you go to the prom? If the answer is yes, then chances are you could strike gold at the “Worst Prom Story” contest, part of the next literary matchmaking mixer on June 17 hosted by WORD, an excellent bookstore located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Workman’s own literary date-disaster historian Virginia Vitzthum, author of My Blind Date Went Blind! will be on hand to help pick a winner and join in the revelry at The Diamond Bar (43 Franklin Street). Come for the drink specials, the DJ, and the oh-so-attractive and intelligent members of WORD’s “Between the Covers” matchmaking board. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, you can cry on Virginia’s shoulder afterwards. After all, as Faulkner said, “Between grief and nothing I will take grief.”

To enter the contest, send your Worst Prom Story to by June 15th. (Subject line: PROM STORY).

Facebook RSVP suggested, but not required (and neither is your prom outfit). Come as you are!

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Recession, the father of invention

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There are many conflicting views on what will lead this country out of the current economic recession, but Louis Foreman, the executive producer of the Emmy award–winning PBS show Everyday Edisons and the co-author of The Independent Inventor’s Handbook, is certain that innovation will be on the forefront of the recovery effort.

According to Louis, there has never been a better time in recent history for innovation: “It has been innovation that has led this country out of recessions in the past, and it will be innovation that creates new opportunities in the future.”

Jeff Bezos, founder and one of the world’s great innovators, agrees. Addressing the recession in a recent interview he announced that “We’re going to invent our way out of this problem [recession]. This is a very inventive country. And, in fact, everywhere I travel all over the world I meet young people working on alternative energy and all kinds of new technologies that are going to make our economy more productive.”

And if you look back over time, many amazing inventions were developed during the recessions or The Great Depression. A few examples:

1930s Great Depression – Scotch Tape, Revlon Nail Polish, Miracle Whip, the Fluorescent Light bulb
1950s Recession – McDonalds, Hula Hoop, Pampers
1970s Stagflation – Post-it Note, UPC Code, Microsoft
1980s Recession – Diet Coke, Microsoft Word, MTV

Who knows what amazing inventions the current recession will produce? Ask Louis Foreman in a couple of months, when he wraps up his whirlwind tour of nearly two dozen cities, speaking to local inventor groups around the nation and, perhaps, giving his feedback on the Next Big Thing of 2010.

Click here to watch Louis’s appearance on a local Nashville TV show a few days ago.

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Ellen Gordon Reeves on the Early Show

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This spring we published Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?, an essential guide for young job-seekers by Ellen Gordon Reeves, and what an adventure it has been. One could never have guessed from Ellen’s stellar performance on the Early Show this morning that just a few short months ago she had never been on television before.

An author’s readiness for the national spotlight is the source of anxiety for every publicist. Many new authors come in with a belief they could face anyone from Oprah to Charlie Rose at a moment’s notice, but very few manage to project the confident smooth-talking expert you’re used to seeing on your screen without many hours of lengthy (and expensive) media training and multiple Advils ingested by yours truly.

Thankfully Ellen Reeves’s training was capped off with a few easy-going conference calls and a small iced coffee at the Time Warner Center. Ever since Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview? launched in May, Ellen has taken her new-grad advice to such venues as CNN, NPR, ABC News Now, Fox News, EXTRA, and just this morning, the Early Show. Her natural eloquence and bullet-proof expertise have impressed producers around the country and she received the highest compliment an author can get from quite a few of them—an invitation to come back.

With all of this media success, one wonders if maybe Ellen’s new book should be “How to Ace an Interview.” But that might be a chapter in Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview? already.

Oleg Lyubner
Senior Publicist

Click here to read an excerpt from Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?

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