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Holidays Made Easy: Soup Night
Hosting dinner for friends and family can be a headache, especially when it comes to cleanup. There is nothing worse than washing the dishes, silverware, pans, and bowls after a party! Avoid the dishpan hands and complicated recipes next time: Host a Soup Night! Soup is a one-pot meal when made in a slow cooker, which […]
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Holidays Made Easy: Come Home to Supper
This holiday season, we want to save you time—a difficult feat with all the school Christmas parties, ballet recitals, gift wrapping, and football practice to fit in!—by simplifying meal prep with a countertop convection oven and comforting, easy-to-make recipes. Christy Jordan, author of Come Home to Supper ($2.99 this week only!), gives you tips, like how to […]
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Chocolate Cream Puffs with Spun Sugar
  From the author: For Christmas or New Year’s Eve, I deconstruct the traditional croquembouche (omitting its precarious architecture) and fill crisp caramel-glazed puffs with chocolate rum custard. It’s still a little involved, but wildly worth the effort. Spun sugar is far easier than it looks, and your guests will love watching you do it. chocolate cream puffs […]
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Honey Caramels
From the author: Honey collectors will enjoy trying regional or varietal honeys in this recipe, with or without the walnuts. The year my brother’s family moved to Alabama, they brought a taste of their new home, Alabama wildflower honey, back to Berkeley for Thanksgiving. I made caramels with it and carried them back to Birmingham for […]
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What Gives Wine Its Color?
| Blog, Blue Plate Special
From author Karen MacNeil: Why is White Wine White and Red Wine Red? While starting this section with the question above might seem almost too basic, over the years I’ve found that most people don’t get the answer quite right. It isn’t just “because of the skins.” The juice of all grapes, red and white, is almost colorless […]
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