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How To Grill T-Bone "Hellfire" Steaks
  From the author Steven Raichlen: Steak au poivre (pepper steak) is one of the glories of the French bistro. Too bad it’s traditionally cooked in a frying pan, not on the grill. That set me thinking: Why not put the coarsely ground pepper on a mustard-slathered steak and char it on the grill? I tried it. […]
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Dinner Tonight: Easy Gourmet Meals
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Photograph by Caroline Wright These elegant, simple, and inexpensive recipes are perfect for small gatherings of friends, or home-cooked food for your family. 1. Baked Pasta Risotto with Peas, Mascarpone + Spinach – creamy, simple to make, and a delicious way to get some spinach into your diet. 2. Poached Salmon with Beans + Basil Mayonnaise – a light and quick […]
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Meet Me in the Morning Dogs
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From the author: THE MAGIC BUS CAFE TWINS, Cathy and Chrissy, back up their shtick with good food. They use Boar’s Head natural casing wieners, which they split and griddle fry. And they recognize that, like baloney and eggs, hot dogs and eggs are perfectly complementary. This recipe comes straight from the sisters. The reference, by […]
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The Vegetable Butcher Sweepstakes
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To celebrate the release of The Vegetable Butcher by Cara Mangini, we’ve teamed up with Zwilling-Henckles and John Boos to bring you the perfect set for making delicious vegetables in your own kitchen! When putting together her delicious recipes, Cara loves Zwilling-Henckles’s 5.5″ Ultimate Prep Knife and the fabulous Cherry Cutting Board from John Boos. Together, these two items […]
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Q&A with Patricia Wells!
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Patricia Schultz, author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, interviews a fellow Workman author, Patricia Wells, with a focus on just one place: Paris. Wells has been living in France for 25 years, and today she shares her knowledge about where to get the best food in the City of Lights. Her latest book […]
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