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Smith & Hawken: Garden Structures

Hardback, 256 pages
ISBN: 9780761114062 (0761114068)
Published by Workman Publishing
This title is no longer available.

about Smith & Hawken: Garden Structures

Marrying inspiration with the nitty-gritty of design, materials and methods. Garden Structures covers all the different ways to create a framework on which a garden flows. Beginning with the very idea that makes a garden a garden—enclosure—and its expression as a fence or wall, through the most elaborate of structures, including greenhouses, decks, and pavilions, the ten chapters in this book celebrate the ways that gardening and building are linked. A chinoiserie trellis, herb beds edged in wattling, brick arches dripping with honeysuckle, flagstone walkways—this is how we carve our unique niche in the world's vastness.

Illustrating the book are more than 300 color photographs plus instructional line drawings that shows how structures are integrated into a garden, offer a range of possibilities, and help the gardener carry out the most involved plans.

about Linda Joan Smith

Linda Joan Smith, a contributing editor for Home Garden and Country Garden magazines, is the author of numerous articles on American gardens and gardeners. She has gardened from Arizona to Massachusetts, and Iowa to Pacific Grove, Calfornia.
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