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The Potty Caddy

Hardback, 32 pages
ISBN: 9780761149729 (0761149724)
Published by Workman Publishing

about The Potty Caddy

Take one of the most significant landmarks in a toddler's life—potty-training—and treat it in exactly the right way—with funny, silly humor—and the result is the perfect gift and all-around kit for the toilet-training set (and their parents).

Here's everything needed to say good-bye to diapers forever, including a 32-page full-color book, four toddler-size "magazines" for bathroom reading—including Vanity Fairy, BQ (Babies Quarterly), Rolling Stroller, and Sports Animated, 100 toilet targets, reward stickers, a potty chart, a helpful brochure for parents (written by a pediatrician), and, best of all, a child's very own roll of toilet paper on a refillable holder. With its happy illustrations of a proud and curious toddler (unlike most other potty training books, this one is gender-neutral), the Potty Caddy Book answers the questions little kids actually think about: Why does the toilet make such a loud noise when it flushes? Will I fall in? Why do I need to stop using diapers? Where does everything go? But it does it all from a toddler's perspective, with the help of far-fetched creatures (swamp elephants, space aliens, and the Poop Police), plus songs and tips.

Warning: Contains bathroom humor.

about Sarah Bergmann

Sarah Bergmann has illustrated two previous books for children. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

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about Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon is a mother of two with extensive experience in potty training. She is also a longtime toilet user, and lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.
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about William Spivak, M.D.

William Spivak, M.D., is a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist in private practice in New York. He is a clinical professor of pediatrics at Cornell and an attending pediatrician at New York Presbyterian, and has been listed in New York Magazine's Best Doctors and Castle-Connally's Book of Best Doctors in the New York Metro Area for the last nine years.
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