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jacket image for Cute Overload 2013 Wall Calendar

Cute Overload 2013 Wall Calendar

365 Days of Impossibly Cute Photos

Calendar, 28 pages
ISBN: 9780761167280 (0761167285)
Published by Workman Publishing
This title is no longer available.

about Cute Overload 2013 Wall Calendar

As The New York Times said, “an awww-a-day”: snuggly kitties, puppies galore, coy bunnies, plus mischievous goats, tiny ponies, and spiny hedgies so lovable, you’ll want to reach out and pet them, quills and all. Each full- color spread highlights one Rule of Cuteness (#10: If you haven’t grown into your feet yet, it’s cute) with a large photograph at the top of the page. Smaller images in the grid below offer dozens more flavors of cute. It’s a daily quota of cute.

about Meg Frost

Meg Frost is the founder of, home of the cutest photos you've ever seen. Meg scours submissions from alert readers like you and selects only the finest, most squeal-inducing imagery possible.
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