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The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet!

Paperback / softback, 224 pages  (also available in Electronic book text )
ISBN: 9780761167563 (0761167560)
Published by Workman Publishing

about Pranklopedia

Every day is April Fools’ Day. Pure heaven for the prankster, Pranklopedia is as indispensable a compilation of pranks as Jokelopedia is a collection of jokes.

Written by longtime Nickelodeon Magazine editor in chief Julie Winterbottom, Pranklopedia is a complete prank encyclopedia. It includes over 70 pranks, with step-by-step directions; a full-color, sixteen-page insert of supplementary materials, including “tasty” soup can labels (mmm, Cream of Sparrow Soup!) and a “winning” lottery ticket; recipes for such essential prank-stuff as fake snot, fake vomit, fake ice cream; tips on how to pull the perfect prank; profiles of famous pranks and pranksters; even a prank woven right into the book—spot the fake entries in the Prankster Hall of Fame.

As for the pranks themselves—they’re priceless. Classics like short sheeting the bed and the dancing dollar. There’s the crude—mouse turds in ice—and really crude—make fake, edible dog poop. And there are pranks especially good to pull on your parents— deliver the “Take Your Teacher Home Day” letter from school and watch them freak out.

One word of caution: Use common sense in deciding how often to use Pranklopedia, or you might find yourself looking for a new place to live.

about Julie Winterbottom

Julie Winterbottom served as an editor and editor in chief of Nickelodeon Magazine, where for twelve years she fulfilled her dream of getting paid to write jokes. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she pulls pranks on her boyfriend and cat.

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