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Eat Tweet

1,020 Recipe Gems from the Twitter Community's @cookbook

Paperback / softback, 272 pages
ISBN: 9781579654269 (1579654266)
Published by Artisan

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The first-ever Twitter cookbook—filled with 1000 recipes for great eats and special tweats...

The New York Times called tweeted recipes quite possibly the "first great recipe innovation in 200 years"—then crowned microblogger Maureen Evans the queen of the genre. This talented home cook has a knack for boiling down recipes to their essence: every single step and ingredient is condensed to Twitter's maximum of 140 characters or fewer, and not a single keystroke more. Eat Tweet—the first ever Twitter book of recipes—is like a shorthand sous-chef. Part of the fun lies in decoding the author's clever recipe tweets, each one a model of clarity and usefulness. But this one-stop compendium of curated recipes and food ideas is so much more. There are recipes from around the world, from Kashgar Noodles to Biscotti, as well as homey favorites like Garlic Chicken and Chocolate. In addition, Eat Tweet contains kitchen tips and techniques (also 140 characters max) and a lexicon for translating Twitterese cooking terms like s+p (salt and pepper) and tst (toasted). From Lemon Lentil Soup to Pumpkin Pie, it's like a shelf of cookbooks in one tasty volume.

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about Maureen Evans

Maureen Evans is a prolific amateur cook and traveler who tweets recipes from around the world to her thousands of followers on Twitter. When not cooking or tweeting, this Canadian native can be found studying for her master's in creative writing at Queen's University, Belfast. She lives with her partner, Blaine Cook, who was the lead programmer on Twitter.

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