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The Japanese Secret to Lasting Change—Small Steps to Big Goals

As Marie Kondo has said, “The term kaizen refers to incremental progress toward your goal . . . . You can take the first small step toward your dream today and keep taking small steps to grow your passions every day after.”

It’s hard to achieve big goals, and it’s even harder to do so without being overcome with self-doubt. But achieving our goals—and pursuing our passions—needn’t be a strenuous activity. Kaizen is the way! Kaizen is a flexible and accessible approach, and kaizen will mean something different to each reader. The very nature of kaizen is that each person’s experience will be unique, though the end result will be the same: lasting, positive improvement.

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Creativity Takes Courage

Dare to Think Differently

Finding the courage to create is something the editors of Flow know a lot about. Creativity is a central value of the Flow mission, evident in every issue that bursts with the wild imaginations of its artists, writers, and editors. In Creativity Takes Courage, Flow brings together inspiration, hands-on projects, boundary-pushing activities, and special paper goodies to show readers how to unleash their inner artists.

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