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Workman Publishing

A Woman's Guide to Cannabis

A woman’s handbook to demystifying the world of weed, whether it’s being used for pain relief, a moment of calm, or a fit of giggles.

Women of all ages are using cannabis to feel and look better. For rookies and experienced marijuana users alike, this lively, information-filled book is just the supportive guide you need to find the right dose to relieve anxiety, depression, and inflammation, and mitigate the onset of dementia and other signs of aging. Plus boost moods, ease aches, even lose weight, and get restful sleep. And a dose just for fun? Well, that works, too!

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Own It.

Make Your Anxiety Work for You

When panic attacks threatened to sideline her health, career, and relationships, Caroline Foran felt overcome by anxiety. But instead of letting it own her, she decided to own it, developing a toolkit of practical and effective methods that helped her master the fear. Although there’s no way to eliminate anxiety altogether, Foran helps identify anxiety’s triggers—laying out healthy routines such as sleep and diet that keep it at bay, and offering soothing remedies to quell panic in any situation.

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