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Cooking With Scraps

Turn Your Peels, Cores, Rinds, and Stems into Delicious Meals

Here’s how to put those seeds, stems, tops, rinds to good use for more delicious (and more frugal) cooking: Carrot greens—bright, fresh, and packed with flavor—make a zesty pesto. Water from canned beans behaves just like egg whites, perfect for vegan mayonnaise that even non-vegans will love. And serve broccoli stems olive-oil poached on lemony ricotta toast. It’s pure food genius, all the while critically reducing waste one dish at a time.

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Younger Next Year

Congratulations, You’re About to Get Younger!

With the launch of the New York Times bestseller Younger Next Year, a revolution in aging arrived—follow the six simple Harry’s Rules, and you can literally turn back your biological clock, reversing 70% of the normal problems that come with aging and eliminating 50% of serious illnesses and injuries. Other books in the series reinforce their life-changing message while addressing issues like menopause, weight, and back pain.

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