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Jigsaw Puzzles

Life is better with puzzles!

What could be a more welcome activity than slowing down, getting lost in a beautiful image or work of art, and then piece-by-piece, putting it together? Enjoy these puzzles as a mindfulness break, a mental workout, or just an old-fashioned activity that brings the whole family together. From a nineteenth-century map of a young and bustling Manhattan to a winding country lane that leads to a cottage that daydreams are made of, a wry parody of an Old Master to a collection of iconic watches, here’s a selection of puzzles—and perfect gifts—for every taste and level of challenge.

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I Believe in You

A charming picture book that inspires confidence, boosts self-esteem, and lovingly tells a child: No matter what you do, I believe in you!

Every child sometimes needs a little extra encouragement, a reminder that they are capable, resilient, and loved no matter what. Maybe it’s on the first day of school, or before a music recital or trying out for a team, or maybe it’s before going to the birthday party of a brand new friend. I Believe in You is the book for just that moment––an irresistibly sweet tale about a little dragon learning to spread his wings and a unicorn who offers unconditional support and motivation along the way.

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