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Alex Zhdanov

Alex Zhdanov is an illustrator from the Russian city of Ekaterinburg, located on the border of Europe and Asia. 
As a child, Zhdanov always had pencils and a drawing surface at hand (whether a piece of paper, wallpaper on the walls, or even the surface of the table). He was a little dreamer who embodied his fantasies in drawings.
When he went to study at the university, he left drawing behind to specialize in transport management. But even then, the margins and empty pages of all his notebooks were covered in his drawings. As he pursued a career, he realized that he needed to physically feel and see the result of his work. So, after 10 years, he returned to his favorite business: illustration. Zhdanov shares his dreams through the books he illustrates.Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USJAX-NONE

Books by Alex Zhdanov