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Florian Freistetter headshot

Florian Freistetter

Florian Freistetter is an astronomer, author, columnist, blog­ger, and podcaster. Born in 1977, he studied astronomy at the University of Vienna. In 2008, he launched the astronomy blog Astrodicticum Simplex, one of the most widely read science blogs in German. His podcast, Sternengeschichten (“Star Stories”), is one of the most successful German-language science podcasts. His books include Der Komet im Cocktailglass (“The Comet in a Cocktail Glass,” 2013), which was awarded the Austrian Science Book of the Year prize in 2014; Isaac Newton: The Asshole Who Reinvented the Universe; and most recently, Stephen Hawking: His Science in a Nutshell, among many others. In 2015, he became a permanent member of the Austrian “scientific cabaret,” Science Busters. In 2013, the asteroid 2007 HT3 was officially desig­nated 243073 Freistetter by the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union.

Books by Florian Freistetter