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Hayley Syrad

Hayley Syrad, PhD, is a chartered psychologist. She gained a first-class psychology bachelor’s degree at the University of Southampton in 2007 and a PhD in behavioral nutrition at the Health Behaviour Research Centre, University College London, in 2016. Her research has focused on the factors influencing what and how young children eat. She has used real-world dietary data from the largest twin study in the UK (Gemini) to explore children’s eating behaviors and has specifically examined the role of appetite and parental feeding practices. She uncovered the finding that children who are more food responsive tend to eat more often, and children with lower sensitivity to satiety tend to eat larger portions. Her research also showed that the portion size served to children can influence how much they consume (larger servings = more consumed), and she was the first researcher to provide evidence of this relationship. Hayley has published a number of articles on infant and toddler feeding.

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