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Phoebe Cornog headshot

Phoebe Cornog

Phoebe Cornog is a graphic designer and cofounder, with Roxy Prima, of Pandr Design Co., which specializes in hand-painted murals. Together, Cornog and Prima got their start when they were commissioned by the energy drink company Red Bull to paint a mural in the startup’s new offices. Since then they have gone on to design and paint more than 100 walls in home and office spaces and grow a thriving business. Among their notable corporate clients are Target, Lululemon, Kenneth Cole, San Diego Padres, and Philadelphia Phillies. Cornog and Prima work in a wide variety of mediums and are known for bright color palettes and unique letter forms. They also teach lettering workshops, business webinars, speak at conferences, and run the popular podcast, Drunk on Lettering.