Roger Marshall headshot

Roger Marshall

Englishman Roger Marshall designs boats and writes about them for a living and has done so for more than forty years. But his avocation is his two greenhouses and when he is not working or traveling he can be found in one or the other. Marshall learned his gardening techniques in England before moving to Rhode Island. When he built his house in Jamestown. he created several gardens from rough overgrown land. Then he built two 300-square-foot greenhouses, one heated and one unheated.

In the heated greenhouse he has banana, key lime, lemon, orange, and a variety of other tropical fruit trees and herbs. In addition, there are many flowering plants, almost as many vegetables, succulents, and herbs as well as a hydroponic gutter around the sides of the greenhouse that yields greens all winter long.

In his unheated greenhouse, he grows greens all winter long and forces many fruits such as strawberries and rhubarb using the techniques described in this book. In summer the greenhouse switches to tropical mode and grows tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and various squash, melons and other heat loving plants.

Marshall is also editor of Home Greenhouse, the magazine of the Hobby Greenhouse Association, and a member of the Garden Writers Association, the Ocean State Orchid Association, and the Rhode Island Dahlia Society.