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TJ Morrell headshot

TJ Morrell

Thomas J. Morrell is a fishery biologist contractor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Miami, Florida. Having worked with multiple programs related to or focused on fisheries management, biological sampling, and data management, he has a passion for ensuring fisheries populations and oceanic trends are closely monitored for future generations. As a cofounder of the local nonprofit MORAES (Marine Order for Research and Action through Environmental Stewardship), he has focused both his professional career and personal life on environmental advocacy, hoping to provide others with opportunities to follow their passions. From volunteering with marine mammal strandings through MARS (Marine Animal Rescue Society), to acting as a lead marine safety instructor for NOAA, to becoming a certified python wrangler, he continues to learn and gain experience in all aspects of environmental science.