Sandra Boynton

Over 60 Million Books Sold. Mostly to Friends and Family.

Sandra Boynton is one of America’s best-loved artists. With “Hippo Birdie Two Ewes” leading the way, her greeting cards for Recycled Paper sold in the hundreds of millions. Her Boynton on Board books for children have sold tens of millions of copies, and she has also written and illustrated a shelf-full (albeit a small shelf) of imaginative books for (sort of) grown-ups, and written and produced five albums of nifty children’s music. Five of her books are New York Times bestsellers, and three of her albums have been certified Gold; Philadelphia Chickens, nominated for a Grammy, has gone Platinum.


The Bunny Rabbit Show!

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Barnyard Dance!

John Stey performs "Barnyard Dance!" Download this song »

Bolero Completely Unraveled

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Fifteen Animals!

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Perfect Piggies

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Your Personal Penguin

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