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How Sex Changed the Internet


Chapter 1: The Internet Was Built on Sex

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Chapter 2: Cyber-Utopia, Censorship, and Tinysex

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Chapter 3: Graphic Images: The Internet Opens Its Eyes

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Chapter 4: Webmasters of Their Own Domains

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Chapter 5: A Brief History of Online Dating

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Chapter 6: Porn 2.0 and the Camgirl Revolution

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Chapter 7: The Digital Fig Leaf: Sexual Censorship Online

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Chapter 8: Sex Sells: Classified Ads

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Chapter 9: Plug and Play: Internet-Connected Sex Toys

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Chapter 10: Algorithms, Monopolies, and MindGeek

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Chapter 11: consider the “Cybersex Addict:” A Virtual Sexual Education

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Chapter 12: Rated M for Mature: Sex in Online Gaming

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Chapter 13: Faking It: Deepfakes, Deep Problems

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Chapter 14: Fuck the System: Crime and Legislation

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Chapter 15: The Future of Fucking Online

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This is an incomplete list of books not specifically cited in this text, but that have heavily influenced, informed and evolved my thinking on sex and the internet.

HARD CORE by Linda Willams

BROAD BAND by Claire Evans




WE TOO: ESSAYS ON SEX WORK AND SURVIVAL edited by Natalie West and Tina Horn


PORN WORK by Heather Berg


PLAYING THE WHORE by Melissa Gira Grant

CYBER RIGHTS by Mike Godwin



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