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My Big Wimmelbooks

Packed with look-and-find fun, Wimmelbooks let kids be the storyteller.

My Big Wimmelbooks are here!

Introducing Wimmelbooks—where every spread is a new panorama bustling with life. Already massively popular in Germany and around the world, now we can enjoy these one-of-a-kind picture books, too!

Beginning readers (starting around age two) will have a blast seeking out things and actions already familiar to them—a blue tricycle, a piggyback ride, or a funny uh-oh moment like a character dropping an ice cream cone.

As kids grow up, they learn to engage with the book at the next level. Children around 3 to 4 years old can identify and find the characters in each new scene. Then kids around 4 to 5 years old take it even further, creatively crafting the characters’ stories as they follow them along from scene to scene.

Wimmelbooks are virtually instruction-free, inviting kids (and parents!) to use their imagination and create stories they think fit. Plus, with so much going on, there’s always something new to discover. Wimmelbooks offer hours upon hours of fun—and an effortless introduction to literacy!


#MyBigWimmelbooks Pics

Daniel is only 18 months, but he already loves finding all the trucks, flags, and of course, kitty cats!

Hudson and Austin just turned 3. They love buses, so 'Cars and Things That Go' is their favorite bedtime book.

Sam, age 4, was super excited when he found all five balloons in every scene!

Lily is 5 and enjoys "reading" the stories to her little brother, and they get more elaborate every time.

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