Meet Us

Meet Us

Carolan R. Workman headshot

Carolan R. Workman

Executive Chair and President

Most of Carolan’s professional life has been at Workman Publishing, which she joined over 40 years ago to work with her husband, Peter, the founder of the company. She established and led the international publishing division and, as corporate officer, was involved in many aspects of the business. Since Peter’s death in 2013, she has presided over the company and is determined that Workman's uniqueness and culture and success will continue to thrive.

Daniel P. Reynolds headshot

Daniel P. Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer

CEO at Workman since September 2014, Dan oversees the five Workman imprints: Workman Publishing, Artisan Books, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Storey Publishing in North Adams, MA, and Timber Press in Portland, OR. Prior to his current position he had been involved in the daily management of Storey since 1995 and Timber since 2006.

Deborah Balmuth headshot

Deborah Balmuth

Publisher, Storey Publishing

Deborah joined Storey’s editorial department in 1993. She has acquired a wide range of titles, with a focus on crafts, herbal health, and well-being. Growing up in a rural town in central New York State, Deborah developed an early love of nature observation, sewing, knitting, outdoor recreation, and all kinds of hands-on activities.

​Andrew Beckman headshot

​Andrew Beckman

Publisher, Timber Press

Andrew came to book publishing in a roundabout fashion. Trained as a landscape architect and horticulturist, he worked as an estate gardener for Stephen Sondheim and Martha Stewart. In a desire—quite literally—to come in from the cold, he became the garden editor of Martha Stewart Living. Andrew has been the publisher and editorial director of Timber Press since 2010.

Susan Bolotin headshot

Susan Bolotin

Publisher and Editorial Director, Workman Publishing

Suzie, who manages Workman’s book program and, with Janet Harris, the calendar program, is responsible for all of Workman’s brands and authors, as well as each individual book and calendar title. Additionally, most licensed calendar deals, plus new ideas and formats for calendars, come through her. Suzie started her career in book publishing (Random House/Vintage and Simon & Schuster/Touchstone), made a twenty-year detour into journalism and magazine editing, and returned to books at Workman more than fifteen years ago.

Glenn D'Agnes headshot

Glenn D'Agnes

Chief Operating Officer

Glenn, a CPA with an MBA, joined Workman in 2009 as its COO. He manages the day-to-day business functions including billing, production, legal and contracts, finance, information technology, and inventory control.

Janet Harris headshot

Janet Harris

Publisher, Workman Calendars

Janet manages the business side of Workman’s calendar program. Janet was previously the publisher of Storey Books; earlier in her career she was director of sales at Workman. 

Elise Howard headshot

Elise Howard

Publisher, Algonquin Young Readers

Founding editor and publisher of Algonquin Young Readers, Elise says her acquisitions taste is genre-agnostic, as long as the writing is superlative, the story is moving, and the characters are ones who will stick with you long after you close the book. Before joining Algonquin, Elise was senior vice president and associate publisher at HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Matthew Lore headshot

Matthew Lore

Cofounder, President, and Publisher, The Experiment

“I admire many people in the book business,” Matthew says, “but those I admire the most are other independent publishers. So, having worked in other people’s publishing companies for 20 years, in 2008, with Peter Burri as my partner, we set up The Experiment.” Matthew is driven by his interest in publishing life-enhancing books and, in doing so, helping to sustain the craft of independent publishing.

Jennifer Mandel headshot

Jennifer Mandel

Executive Director, New Business Development

With a career-long focus on selling books into nontraditional markets, Jenny’s many roles and responsibilities include new business strategy and development, licensing, special and premium sales, catalog sales, book clubs and fairs, display marketers, custom publishing, e-commerce, and the Workman Speakers Bureau.

Lia Ronnen headshot

Lia Ronnen

Publisher and Editorial Director, Artisan Books

Lia directs all aspects of the Artisan publishing program, working to apply a visual lens to subjects ranging from food and design to lifestyle, fashion, history, animals, sports, and the unexpected. Lia also conceives and edits many of Artisan’s bestselling titles, including The Flower Recipe Book and series, The Kinfolk Table, the John Derian Picture Book, and Grace Bonney’s In the Company of Women. Prior to joining Artisan, Lia spent ten years at Melcher Media, producing a wide variety of bestselling cooking, design, and pop-culture titles.

Jill A. Salayi headshot

Jill A. Salayi

General Manager

As general manager, Jill is responsible for fulfillment, warehousing, customer service, order processing, royalties, administration, and property management. She is also the director of human resources, where she gets to work daily with the entire staff at Workman. Or, as she prefers to say, “the entire amazing staff at Workman.”

Elisabeth Scharlatt headshot

Elisabeth Scharlatt

Publisher, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

Elisabeth has been with Algonquin since 1989, publishing a list of 20 new titles a year and maintaining a commitment to long shelf life for its books as well as maximum marketing and publicity and beautiful design—all with an eye toward building and shepherding distinguished careers for our authors. She had previously worked at Random House and Macmillan. In 1994, she received the PEN Publisher’s Award.

David Schiller headshot

David Schiller

Group Creative Director

Working with all the imprints to elevate ideas through language, David helps to shape and communicate the core message and promise of the company’s books and calendars. He also works to get that message into the world by writing the copy for and directing the look and feel of Workman’s advertising, promotion, marketing materials, and more. Also a Workman author, his most recent book is See Your Way to Mindfulness.

Mauricio Velázquez de León headshot

Mauricio Velázquez de León

Founder, and Publisher, duopress

“You can be an independent publisher, but you never walk alone,” Mauricio says, “and by becoming part of the Workman Publishing family in 2017, we have found the best possible partner in our business.” duopress started in my living room in Queens, New York, with three titles in 2008. Today, with over a hundred titles in print, we remain fiercely independent, and as eager to create distinctive books, puzzles and sidelines as we were in our first day.

Doug Wolff headshot

Doug Wolff

Director of Production

Doug joined Workman Publishing in 2000 and now oversees the manufacturing of all Workman books, calendars, promotional materials, and corrugated displays—and everything else Workman uses, from toy trains to owl puke to miniature darts—working with printers and suppliers in both the United States and the rest of the world.