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Updated as of January 1, 2018

By using this site, you agree to the following Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) adopted by Workman Publishing Co., Inc. (“Workman Publishing”). Workman Publishing reviews this Policy periodically and reserves the right to modify, add, or remove portions of this Policy at any time. Please review this Policy from time to time so that you will be aware of any changes. This Policy applies to all websites produced and operated by Workman Publishing, including, without limitation,,,,,,,,,,,,, and (each, a “Website,” and collectively, the “Websites”). While the data that we collect may vary depending on which Website you are visiting, this Policy is intended to cover collection and use of your data across all Websites. If you have a question about the specific data practices for a particular Website, or if you otherwise want to communicate with us about the Policy, please email us at or write to us at:

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The Websites are owned and/or operated by Workman Publishing or its affiliates. Please refer to our Terms of Use for details on using the Websites.

What Data We Collect

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

When a visitor requests information from a Website, we automatically collect certain non-personally identifiable information about the request. This information includes the IP address of the computer making the request, the time and date of the request, the type of web browser being used, and, sometimes, the page from which the visitor is coming. The information does not contain the visitor’s name or email address.

Workman Publishing analyzes this information to learn about how visitors are using the content of the Websites and to allocate resources effectively and improve content.

Personally Identifying Information

In certain situations, we may collect personally identifiable information from you. For example, we may collect our users’ first and last names, shipping address, email address, phone number, and payment information. We may also collect and store users’ order history.    

Except as specifically stated herein, Workman Publishing does not share or sell personally identifiable information to other companies. We may use the information you provide for our own internal purposes; for example, to send email announcements of events to users who registered for similar events and to alert users of offers that we believe may interest them. We may also use this information in order to complete transactions that you request, such as to place and fulfill orders, to allow our users to maintain a personal profile on a Website, and to make ordering from the Website faster and easier. Users’ profiles are completely private. Additionally, Workman Publishing may choose, on occasion, to include third-party offers in our communications with you. We maintain appropriate and reasonable safeguards to ensure the integrity, security, and privacy of the information in our possession.

If Workman Publishing is acquired by another company, that company will take on all responsibility for the personal information we collect and it will assume all rights and obligations with respect to that information. Should this happen, the acquiring company may implement its own policy with respect to your information.

When directed by a court of law or other government entity, or if we have a good faith basis to believe such action is necessary to comply with the law, we may be obligated to disclose personal information. In such an event, we will comply with the law and make commercially reasonable efforts to notify you, if legal.

You may opt out of receiving any email announcements when you register for one of our offerings. In addition, our email communications with you will provide a link allowing you to unsubscribe from future correspondence. Please note, however, that unsubscribing will not prevent emails relating to specific purchases that you make on a Website. If a particular registration form or email does not have an unsubscribe option, or if you’d like to be removed from our lists for any reason, notify Workman Publishing directly by emailing Please include your name, email address, and the offer for which you were registered so that we can effectively remove you from our lists.

Children’s Privacy

Workman Publishing recognizes that the privacy of children is of particular importance, and we collect children’s personal information only in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). We do not collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 without first obtaining verifiable parental consent, unless we use such information only to: (1) obtain parental consent or provide parents with notice; (2) respond directly on a one-time basis to a child’s specific request; (3) respond more than once to a child’s specific request along with providing parental notice of such use; (4) protect the safety of a child; or (5) comply with legal requirements. If information collected from a child under the age of 13 is used in connection with a one-time request, if requested by a parent or guardian, or otherwise to comply with COPPA, Workman Publishing will delete all such information after such use as soon as commercially practicable. The consent and notification process mentioned above gives parents the ability to let us know if they do not want us to make further use of the personally identifiable information we have collected from their child.

The only information that we collect from children is their email address and their parent’s email or home address. We may collect such information, only in compliance with COPPA, in connection with our contests, sweepstakes, games, surveys, forums, subscription registrations, classroom activities, requests for suggestions, and visitors’ requests for free products, services (such as our magazines), or additional information, so that we can contact a winner, answer questions or requests, and fulfill orders. Many Workman Publishing contests are available only to those who are 18 years of age and older. Please read individual contest rules before entering.

Unless we indicate otherwise in each circumstance, personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 will be used solely by Workman Publishing for the purpose for which it was initially collected and only with parental consent. Such information will be deleted at any time upon the request of a parent or guardian. We do not use any information, whether personally identifiable or not, to behaviorally target children.

For Parents

There are many activities offered by Workman Publishing that children can participate in and enjoy without having to share personally identifiable information.

For those activities that require personally identifiable information, such as contests and sweepstakes (in compliance with COPPA), Workman Publishing will not condition a child’s participation in an activity on that child disclosing more personally identifiable information than is reasonably necessary to administer the activity. For certain online activities, we require verifiable parental consent before collecting or using a child’s personally identifiable information. With these activities, Workman Publishing will notify the respective parent of this Policy and obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting personally identifiable information from a child.

Under COPPA, parents have the right to review and/or request deletion of their child’s personally identifiable information from Workman Publishing’s records, and to refuse permission to the further use and collection of a child’s information by contacting us at

Cookies and Third Party Affiliates

The Websites use cookies to enable certain features. A cookie is a small piece of information that the Websites ask your browser to store on the hard drive of your computer. Your browser later presents the information back to the applicable Website. These cookies store only non-personally identifiable information. You may be able to direct your browser to refuse cookies, but please keep in mind that this may limit your ability to use the full functionality of the Websites. The Websites also use tracking pixels that enable Workman Publishing to gather data about visitors to the Website to measure and optimize user experiences.  

Workman Publishing may share certain personally identifiable information with certain third-party service providers; for instance, to provide software to administer contests and sweepstakes.  Workman Publishing also uses third-party affiliate cookies to gather data about purchases made on the Website in connection with one of our partners. 

Workman Publishing also partners with third-party payment processors to assist in orders placed on some of the Websites. Please note that when you make a purchase on one of these Websites, you are providing personally identifiable information, such as credit card and other payment information, to the third-party payment processor, and, therefore, the collection and use of this information is governed by the applicable third party’s privacy policy.

California Rights

California Civil Code Section 1798.83 allows our California users to request certain information regarding disclosure of personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Please email us at for such requests.

Bookstore Sites

Workman Publishing provides links to online bookstores and other retailers who may collect information from customers and share that information with Workman Publishing. Workman Publishing may use this information for marketing or research purposes, but will not disclose this information to other third parties except as provided herein. As mentioned above, these third-party bookstores may distribute third-party cookies through the Websites. We may receive affiliate fees for linking you to purchases on other websites. When information is collected through these third-party cookies, and when you leave a Website to make a purchase or otherwise visit one of these third parties, this Policy will not apply to the data they collect.  Please review the privacy policies of the applicable websites to see how your information is collected and treated by third parties. We maintain a list of our third-party bookstore affiliates and links to their privacy policies here: Privacy Policy
Barnes & Noble Privacy Policy
Indiebound Privacy Policy

We will update this list as commercially practicable.

Links to Other Sites

The Websites may be linked to other sites that are not operated by Workman Publishing or any company affiliated with Workman Publishing. Workman Publishing is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these third-party sites. Visitors to those sites should refer to their separate privacy policies and practices.

Contests and Promotions

Workman Publishing may run contests and promotions on the Websites that may require the submission of personal information by participants. Workman Publishing may use the information collected during a contest in order to administer the contest and for research purposes; for example, to determine how many visitors participated in the contest. Please refer to the rules for individual contests and promotions.

Comments, Ideas, and Suggestions

Workman Publishing may obtain information from a user when a comment is posted on a Website by that user. Please note that any information that you post on the Website’s forums and blogs is available to the public, so please use caution when deciding what to post.

Terms of Use

All of the material published by Workman Publishing is protected under copyright law. Written permission from the publisher is required if you wish to reproduce this material. Please see the Permissions section of our FAQ for further information.

Some of the material provided on our site is available for reproduction or distribution in an on-line or print environment, if the conditions detailed under each are met. If you have any questions about the Terms of Use for the following items, please send an e-mail to with "Permissions" in the subject line.

The Workman logo, the Page-A-Day logo, the BRAIN QUEST logo, as well as other logos are registered trademarks and may not be used without prior approval from Workman Publishing. If you wish to use any of the trademarked logos, please direct a request to

Book Excerpts

Workman Publishing provides excerpts of selected books (1,000-1,500 average word count) for promotion on the Web with prior approval. For permission, Workman Publishing does ask that an e-mail notification that includes the URL where the excerpt is being used be sent Use of these excerpts may be made only for purposes of promoting the books, with no changes, editing, or additions whatsoever. The following statement, which is already included on all the excerpts posted on the site, must be included at the end of the selected excerpt taken from the Web site: Copyright © year of publication by author name. All rights reserved.


Recipes from any and all Workman Publishing titles may not be reproduced or posted without permission from their respective authors. Recipes that are posted on Workman Publishing sites may be used for promotion on the Web or in print. While these recipes may be used for promotion without prior approval, Workman Publishing does ask that an e-mail notification that includes the URL or print page where the excerpt is being used be sent to Use of these recipes may be made only for purposes of promoting the books, with no changes, editing, or additions whatsoever. The following statement must be included at the end of the selected recipe taken from the Web site: Copyright © year of publication by author name. All rights reserved.

Author Photos

Workman Publishing provides downloadable author photos for many of our authors. Permission is granted to use an author photograph for promoting the author or the author's Workman Publishing title as long as there are no alterations made to the photograph and credit is prominently given to the photographer, whose name can usually be found at the bottom of the image. If there is no credit for a photographer, please send an e-mail to and we will try to locate that information for you. If you need a high-quality photo, you may request that an author photo be sent to you by contacting the Publicity Department.

Jacket Images

Jacket images for Workman Publishing titles may be used for promoting the book without prior permission, as long as no alterations are made.