Wonder meets wanderlust
in an extraordinary new travel book

Created by the founders of AtlasObscura.com, the vibrant online destination and community with over 3 million visitors a month, Atlas Obscura is the bucket-list guide to over 700 of the most unusual, curious, bizarre and mysterious places on earth.

Beautifully packaged with a die-cut dust jacket and foil-stamped cover, compellingly written, scrupulously researched and filled with photographs, illustrations, maps, charts and more, Atlas Obscura is an object as desirable as the places it extols. Readers will visit eccentric bone museums in Italy, Turkmenistan’s “Gates of Hell” (a massive hole in the desert that’s been on fire for more than 40 years), the mind-boggling graveyard for decommissioned ships on the coast of Bangladesh, and learn where to see Galileo’s middle finger or sail across a steep valley on forbidden zip lines 1,300 feet in the air.

Every page paints a rich panorama of what a marvelously strange world we live in. For the travel lover and curious reader, Atlas Obscura is impossible to put down and will be the gift book for years to come.

From the publishers of 1,000 PLACES TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE*.

Written by the cofounders of AtlasObscura.com, Dylan Thuras and Joshua Foer (bestselling author of Moonwalking with Einstein), and by Ella Morton of AtlasObscura.com.

Anyone can be a tourist.
ATLAS OBSCURA is for the explorer.

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