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About Artisan Books

Artisan publishes illustrated books to inspire and instruct, produced with great intention and quality. Artisan was founded by Peter Workman in 1994 with the idea that many subjects can be best expressed visually, and today Artisan is as committed as ever to applying that visual mandate—whether through photography, illustration, or graphic design—to strong and meaningful editorial content. 

Artisan’s first significant bestseller was The French Laundry Cookbook, by Thomas Keller, and recent New York Times bestsellers include The Noma Guide to Fermentation, South, In the Company of WomenJohn Derian Picture BookThe DogistThe Kinfolk Home, and more. Artisan specializes in cooking, design, crafts and hobbies, and expanding the boundaries of general nonfiction. It seeks authors who are thought leaders and tastemakers, working hand in hand with them to capture their voice, hone their message, and bring their unique ideas and insights to a wide group of readers. The physical book is Artisan’s great passion: finding the form, conceiving the package, digging deep into the details, until this concerted effort results in an object that is a singular pleasure to hold, to use, to read, and to give.

John Derian Paper Goods: Dancing Butterflies 750-Piece Puzzle

Featuring images used in some of his most popular products, artist and designer John Derian’s first-ever puzzles will transport the viewer to another world. From the mesmerizing gaze of a calm cat to a map of a long-lost Manhattan and the deep, jewellike tones of dancing butterflies, these 750-piece puzzles are not only a great way to celebrate John Derian’s iconic work with nineteenth century printed images, but also the perfect way to spend a cozy afternoon at home.

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