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About Familius

We believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society and that happy families are the foundation of a happy life. The greatest work anyone will ever do will be within the walls of his or her own home. And we don't mean vacuuming! We recognize that every family looks different and passionately believe in helping all families find greater joy, whatever their situation. To that end, we publish beautiful books that help families live our 9 Habits of Happy Family Life.

She Spoke

“Having access to these women's voices, to literally hear them saying their iconic and critical words creates a magical connection between readers and these women, and I've never seen (well, heard) anything else like it.” - @girlsreadtheworld, Ciarra Chavarria

Illustrated non-fiction comes to life in She Spoke: 14 Women Who Raised their Voices and Changed the World. Featuring women from history and clips from their most famous speeches.

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