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The Experiment is an independent publisher, launched in 2008 and distributed by Workman since 2011. We publish a wide range of nonfiction—much of it practical—including food (and how to grow, cook, and enjoy it), health and fitness, psychology and personal development, parenting, relationships, sexuality, science, and nature. We’re called The Experiment because every book is a test of new ideas—and because we’re motivated by the same curiosity and wonder that drive every scientific experiment. Our books enlighten, empower, and entertain readers with new or freshly presented ideas. Our scale is intimate, our books far-reaching.

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

The Human Story Retold Through Our Genes

Who are our ancestors? Where did they come from? Geneticists have suddenly become historians, and the hard evidence in our DNA has blown the lid off what we thought we knew. Acclaimed science writer Adam Rutherford explains exactly how genomics is completely rewriting the human story—from 100,000 years ago to the present.

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