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Timber Press is devoted to sharing the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history. 

Founded in 1978, Timber Press is internationally recognized as the leading gardening publisher. Its books and authors have received awards from the American Horticultural Society, the Garden Writers of America, the Garden Media Guild, and the National Garden Club of America. Some of Timber’s bestselling classics include Michael Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs, Bringing Nature Home by Douglas Tallamy, Tracy DiSabato-Aust’s The Well-Tended Perennial Garden, and Marta McDowell’s Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life

Timber Press joined the Workman family in 2006. The Timber office is located in Portland, Oregon, a city filled with natural wonders.

The Living Forest

A Visual Journey Into the Heart of the Woods

The Living Forest is a visual journey that immerses you deep into the woods from the leaves and branches of the canopy to the roots and soil of the understory. In an ideal blend of art and scholarship, the 300 awe-inspiring photographs by Robert Llewellyn are supported by lyrical essays from Joan Maloof detailing the science behind the interconnected ecosystem of plants, birds, mammals, insects, and fungi.

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