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101 Amazing Uses for Cinnamon

By Nancy Lin Chen

Everyone loves a good cinnamon roll, but did you know cinnamon can help your hair grow longer and stronger? In 101 Amazing Uses for Cinnamon, discover the many ways this simple spice can improve your health, your home, and of course, your food. From improving memory to aiding digestion to supporting a healthy garden, add some spice to your life with cinnamon.

Millions of people are turning away from the harsh effects of modern solutions and back to the gentle but powerful benefits of nature’s oldest remedies. The 101 Amazing Uses series expertly outlines 101 incredible uses for aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, ginger, essential oils, and more. Each book is divided into tabbed sections filled with 101 easy-to-read, bite-sized benefits for everything from health to beauty to household cleaning. Promote healthy skin, reduce stress, boost your metabolism, tenderize meat, and more with these simple, accessible, natural solutions.

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Meet the Author
Nancy Lin Chen headshot

Nancy Lin Chen

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Review quotes
"Nancy Chen's compendium on the wonders of cinnamon reflects increased social interest in natural solutions and treatments for a variety of conditions and ailments. It delivers its information in an engaging manner, always centering it in research. Audiences will walk away believing that cinnamon is the true spice of life."
-Foreword Reviews

"101 Amazing Uses for Cinnamon is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to learn more about this awesome spice. As a registered dietitian, I appreciate having a resource for those who want to have a natural remedy for factors related to health, beauty, and more! Claims are supported by references to medical literature, and the book is written in a user-friendly manner. I highly recommend this book!"
—Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, CLEC, registered dietitian
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101 Amazing Uses
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Publication date
January 05, 2021