365 Days in Ireland Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar 2019

Photographs by Chris Coe

The Emerald Isle beckons to travelers, and to the 33 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry. Tour a different region of this enchanted country every month—Derry, Dublin, Donegal, Kerry, and eight others—with informative text and hundreds of alluring photographs that capture Ireland’s spirit, rugged beauty, and verdant landscape. Dublin pubs are havens for great conversation, especially over creamy pints of Guinness. In Cork, there’s greenery for miles around, dotted with contentedly grazing sheep (and with majestic castle ruins, too). Wicklow’s windswept seacoasts are something out of myth—and speaking of myth, behold the Hill of Tara, where the high kings of early Ireland were crowned at the magical Stone of Destiny. 

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August 07, 2018