389* Unforgettable Senior Moments Page-A-Day Calendar 2019

*Of which we can remember only 365

By Tom Friedman

A humorous daily calendar of quintessential senior moments, bouts of forgetfulness, and absentminded anecdotes that anyone can relate to. Adapted from the bestselling book, it’s a playful gift for parents, grandparents, and spouses featuring all manner of mental lapses: The astronomers using Australia’s most famous radio telescope who, picking up a distinctive signal at about the same time each day, were sure they’d discovered alien life—forgetting that the microwave they used to heat up lunch emitted exactly the same radiowaves. Funny-because-they’re-true quotes: Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.—Terry Pratchett. And tips on getting older! Exercise increases the number of capillaries in the brain, which improves blood flow to your brain neurons. Now, if you could only remember where you left your walking shoes. . . .

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August 07, 2018