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A Beauty Collected

A Captivating ABC Book to Discover the Beauty Around You

By Rachel Garahan

Would you try a food you knew nothing about? Or would the flowers of your childhood stick as strongly in your mind if you didn’t know what they were called?
Vocabulary expands appreciation of our surroundings, and in turn, our language shapes our behavior. By featuring items that can be found in one’s own neighborhood (acorns, flowers, herbs) combined with more exotic items (raw turquoise nuggets, wolves' claws, silkworm cocoons) the imagery in A Beauty Collected is both accessible and designed to expand the mind beyond the backyard. Whether the item is a porcupine quill or vanilla pod, the goal is to encourage inquisitiveness: “What is this item? What purpose does it serve? What does it smell or taste like? Where can I find it?”

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Meet the Author
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Rachel Garahan

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Review quotes

“If an illustrated book could create a manifesto of our curiosity, longing, and need for the natural world in our daily living, A Beauty Collected would be it.”
Amy Smart, actress

"In addition to being just the loveliest thing, older kids really do enjoy it. It has the kind of purified beauty that appeals to a wide range of ages."
Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal Blogger

"A beauty indeed. This is an ABC, from aloe to bougainvillea to coconut and beyond. Each page has exquisite photos of elements of the natural world, some familiar, some perhaps new additions to a child’s vocabulary. But this is a book for any age to bask in the amazing stuff of nature told in lovely rhyme."

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September 06, 2016