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A Book about Dad with Words and Pictures by Me

A Fill-in Book with Stickers!

By Workman Publishing

Illustrated by Irena Freitas

Dear Dad,
Keep this book forever to remember all the reasons why I love you.
Every page has a heartwarming, imaginative (and sometimes cheeky!) prompt—a sentence to finish or an illustration to complete—to help kids capture everything they know and love about their parent, from their favorite things to do together to what kind of pizza topping they would be. A sheet of illustrated stickers gives kids even more ways to customize the work!

Each book starts with a letter to parent from child, and then the fun begins, from:

Your favorite animal is ______.
You are terrified of ______!


I wrote a story about you. Want to read it together?

Look! I drew a picture of us on an intergalactic space adventure!
And finally:

This is us, doing what we do best. I love you, Dad!


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Workman Publishing

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Irena Freitas

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Product Details
Age range
5 - 12
Grade range
K - 5
Number of pages
Publication date
March 30, 2021
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