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A Curious Collection of Dangerous Creatures

An Illustrated Encyclopedia

By Sami Bayly

Here’s your guide to the most fascinating (and perilous!) creatures on the planet

Publisher's note: A Curious Collection of Dangerous Creatures was previously published in Australia under the title The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dangerous Animals.

When you think of a dangerous animal, what comes to mind—maybe the ferocious great white shark, or the slithering rattlesnake? But what about the hooded pitohui, with its extremely poisonous feathers, or the coffin ray, which attacks its prey by electrocution?

Dangerous animals get a bad rap—and it’s true that these animals may seem a little scary—but that’s also what makes them remarkable. In A Curious Collection of Dangerous Creatures, you’ll learn about the most lethal animals to ever exist—many of which you wouldn’t even realize were deadly, like the blue-and-yellow macaw or the common otter.
What’s more, many of these fascinating creatures need our help: They’re endangered, and we can’t afford to ignore their well-being any longer. It’s time to find your favorite dangerous creature!

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November 09, 2021