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A Field Guide to Men's Health

Eat Right, Stay Fit, Sleep Well, and Have Great Sex—Forever

By Jesse Mills

Why is it that men don’t go to the doctor until they are sick or something is broken? Men’s health is a lot more than that—it’s preventive care, cardiovascular health, sexual health, nutrition, and exercise. It’s sleep medicine, relationship health, self-care, and, yes, penises. And it’s about time for men to have an easy-to-follow guide of their own, especially with an increase in interest in men’s health and lifestyle in the last couple of years.

Dr. Jesse Mills, a urologist and men’s health expert and founder of the Men’s Clinic at UCLA, is here to give men a holistic perspective on preventive care. Get It Up and Keep It Up will help men invest in their health and make positive changes to live an optimized life, and it answers lots of questions that men may be uncomfortable asking their doctors or partners. A Field Guide to Men's Health is straightforward and backed by science but written in an easily digestible way.

Organized into straightforward chapters like Reset, Manatomy, Eat, Move, Sex, Fertility, and Lifestyle, and with easily digestible entries like in The New Rules of Aging Well and How to Sleep, the book is easy to use and the go-to resource for the information men need. They’ll learn that overhydrating can be dangerous; that many scientific studies have shown that men who have more frequent sex later into their lives live longer lives; that all diets will fail at some point, but which ones to go to for a jump-start when trying to lose weight; when to get screened for prostate cancer; which doctors they need to see, when and for what; that male fertility issues are just as common as female fertility issues; that a small dose of caffeine (a simple cup of coffee) an hour before a workout can improve energy; that eating well, moving more, and sleeping are the pillars to boosting immunity and overall health at any age. Diagrams, charts, and lists will complete A Field Guide to Men's Health, making it an essential resource for men, and for those who love them.

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