A Pattern Garden

The Essential Elements of Garden Making

By Valerie Easton

A Pattern Garden gives us the tools for creating our own highly satisfying garden spaces. Easton identifies 14 garden patterns that she sees as fundamental to successful design and that will turn any landscape into a memorable and rewarding retreat. This book will help you identify what pleases you, and why, and provide inspiration and direction in the planting and layout of your own garden. Discussions of essential patterns, such as the creation of paths or the incorporation of water into the garden, are complemented by concrete advice about plant selection.

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Valerie Easton

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Review quotes
“Ms. Easton has an accessible, down-to-earth style in the book. . . . one is led to believe that even the most rank beginner should just do it: go ahead and decide where the path should go, imagine where it will lead, and what might lie, like a surprise, or a sanctuary, at the end.” —The New York Times

“A Pattern Garden reveals the hidden relationships between scale and structure that define truly great gardens...Easton will open your eyes to a new way of seeing the design opportunities inherent in any garden site.”  —Scot Medbury, CEO of  Brooklyn Botanic Garden

“A  horticultural Rosetta Stone—a guide for both timid and more confident homeowners to map their outdoor life and create their dream space.” —Thomas Hobbs, author of The Jewel Box Garden

“The dry days of June are good for redesigning the garden. For great ideas on the subject, pick up A Pattern Garden.” —Sunset
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March 15, 2007