A Rose by Any Name

The Little-Known Lore and Deep-Rooted History of Rose Names

By Stephen Scanniello Douglas Brenner

Encompassing art, literature, science, technology, history, and everything in between, the stories behind rose varieties include enough curiosities, romance, tragedy, wit, mystery, scandal, and earthy delights to satisfy even those who would never dream of actually tending a plant. in addition to names, readers will learn that the perfume of 'Rosa Gallica' wafted through Pliny's Roman villa and lulled Marie Antoinette on the night before her wedding; that 'Eglantine' is threaded through Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream; that roses in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries were mainly raised for medicinal purposes; and that the world of rose-naming rights is one of complicated and fiercely guarded copyrights and patents. With full-color art throughout, this eclectic little volume is a must-have for die-hard rosarians, and for the less rose-obsessed, it's simply a marvelous miscellany starring what is arguably the world's most popular flower.

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Stephen Scanniello

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Douglas Brenner

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Review quotes

"Rose aficionados, acclaimed authors, and dedicated gardeners, Brenner and Scanniello deftly explore the intricate history and enduring mystery behind four dozen of the most famous, obscure, exotic, and unassuming names in rose cultivation. . . .The authors provide plenty of arcane facts and tantalizing revelation in an equally entertaining and educational foray into the competitive, complicated, and frequently comical world of rose naming."—Booklist

“A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but its history would be very different. . . . Covering social and cultural history, technology, art, and science, A Rose by Any Name proves that a whole world can be found within the petals of a single rose. Consider the excerpt that follows our valentine to you.”—Martha Stewart Living

“[Brenner & Scaniello] tell the naming stories of some 1,200 varieties of roses among the more than 15,000 registered rose species and cultivars in their highly entertaining new book, A Rose by Any Name. Each of its illuminating chapters reads almost like a mini biography, albeit of a plant. Best of all, the authors even reveal how you can name a rose after yourself.”—Town & Country

"[A Rose by Any Name's] charming illustrations add to the enlightening origins, history and lore of more than 1,200 rose names."—Kansas City Star
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February 03, 2009