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Adventures with Zap

107 Creative Prompts for Beginning Writers—for Earthlings Ages 4 and Up

By Diane Landy

Illustrated by Allison Hershey

Adventures with Zap introduces the magic of storytelling through playful writing practice. Children build skills and confidence while creating a precious keepsake! 

Writing coach Diane Landy brings years of elementary and preschool classroom experience to this one-of-a-kind book, in which each writing and drawing prompt is carefully crafted around a comic story. Kids will: 
  • create characters, settings, and action scenes 
  • bring pictures to life with words 
  • brainstorm when stuck 
  • write thoughts and dialogue 
  • use “power words” 
  • express feelings and wishes. 
Calling all Earth kids! Meet Zap, a spunky blue alien from the planet Vox Nova. When a stowaway from Earth sneaks onto his spaceship, he makes lots of mistakes. Is the furry creature friendly? Or dangerous? Zots! Quick, grab a pencil to teach Zap about our world. Share memories, too, and make up adventures of your own. 

Can’t write yet?
Zip–zapper–zot! Find a helper who can be your reading, writing robot! 

Learning to write?
Ka-zooks! No need to worry about spelling to be an author of this book! 

Already a word wizard?
You’re on top of your game. Play with fun ways to edit and shoot for the stars!

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Meet the Authors
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Diane Landy

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Allison Hershey

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Review quotes
“Both simple and clever. Kids won't realize how much they’re learning as they have fun writing and drawing with Zap. And, what's this? A creative star award at the end!”—Award–winning children’s book author Eve Bunting
Product Details
Age range
4 - 8
Grade range
P - 3
Number of pages
Publication date
June 12, 2018