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Are You Living with a Narcissist?

How Narcissistic Men Impact Your Happiness, How to Identify Them, and How to Avoid Raising One

By Laurie Hollman

What’s the difference between narcissism and normal love? In the current political and social climate, narcissistic tendencies are coming under more scrutiny, but there are so many nuances to navigate, and many women don't know how to identify or respond to narcissists when they meet them, especially if they happen to be in their own home. In Are You Living with a Narcissist?, psychoanalyst Laurie Hollman, PhD, helps you identify the narcissists in your life and recognize the effect they have on your family and happiness—and what to do about it. This groundbreaking, thoroughly researched guide explores:

  • the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder;
  • the spectrum of healthy to pathological narcissism;
  • how to raise a child so that he does not become a narcissist;
  • how spouses of narcissists can live happy, healthy lives;
  • the relationship between male narcissism and violence;
  • the impact of culture on narcissism;
  • and more!

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Laurie Hollman

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Review quotes

"Are You Living with a Narcissist? How Narcissistic Men Impact Your Happiness, How to Identify Them, and How to Avoid Raising One by Laurie Hollman, PhD. offers timely insights into a range of narcissistic types, from a healthy narcissistic stance through pathological and exploitive narcissism. Dr. Hollman has created a work that has woven her own clinical experience and discussion of case studies, blending potential psychotherapeutic interventions with clinical sensitivity. The integration of current DSM V criteria within a psychoanalytic framework blends multiple system approaches and is infinitely readable as well as informative. It is appropriate for both mental health professionals as well as for the general public."

- Marcy E. Mostel, MD, Psychiatrist, Medical Director CAPE (1989-2016), Currently in private practice

"Dr. Hollman brings thoughtful and compassionate insight into the formation and perpetuation of the narcissistic personality from multiple perspectives and contexts. By incorporating her parental intelligence approach, fresh discoveries from her clinical work, and established models of intervention, Dr. Hollman's book will serve as a useful guide for couples, families, and professionals to identify and more effectively deal with elements of narcissism and create a foundation upon which to build new family legacies of health and recovery."

- Lynn Seskin, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist, Behavioral Medicine Associates of New York, Behavioral Medicine of Pennsylvania

"This is a compelling book, especially for those with an interest in narcissism and other mental health concerns. It is written with concision for the interested layperson, avoiding overly clinical vocabulary. There is an increased incidence in narcissism nationally, according to various expert sources, so the book is also timely. The book focuses on constructive solutions and communication that can support those living with people with narcissistic disorder and also help the affected individual toward positive change." 
San Francisco Book Review
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March 17, 2020