Armitage's Vines and Climbers

A Gardener's Guide to the Best Vertical Plants

By Allan M. Armitage

“Climbing plants are hugely underrated—this book with its lively expression of deep knowledge should encourage everyone to grow more of them.” —Noël Kingsbury 

Climbing plants constitute a huge, and largely untapped, resource for today’s gardeners. Because their habit of growth is primarily vertical, they can be used for utilitarian as well as ornamental purposes like providing privacy, or screening eyesores.

In this comprehensive reference, renowned horticulturist Allan Armitage selects and profiles the most useful and attractive climbing plants for a wide range of sites and conditions, from well-known favourites like clematis, morning glories, and wisteria to more unusual plants like Dutchman’s pipe, passion flowers, and the tropical mandevillas. Each profile includes a general description (enlivened by Armitage’s trademark wry humour) along with the plant’s hardiness, plant family, best method of propagation, method of climbing, and etymology of botanical and common names.“Climbing plants are hugely underrated—this book with its lively expression of deep knowledge should encourage everyone to grow more of them.” —Noël Kingsbury

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Allan M. Armitage

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Review quotes
“Based upon his own adroit, hard-won, well-traveled personal experiences, Armitage’s engaging plant portraits include practical information on propagation and etymology, backed by lists of specific characteristics and botanical names.” —Booklist

“Armitage does an excellent job at encouraging gardeners to go beyond the common climbers and try something new.” —American Gardener

“Who says your garden has to be horizontal? Certainly not Allan Armitage, renowned professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia, who has turned his affable writing style on climbing plants and their under appreciated ability to provide privacy, cover unsightly vistas, and draw the eye upward.” —Newsday

“This photo packed primer delivers the pros and cons for 100-plus plants to help gardeners and gardens reach new heights.” —Chicago Tribune

“Written with authority, in simple language, with humor. Anyone trying to build a gardening library should think about adding this one.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“Definitely a keeper. Once again, he cuts to the chase and introduces us to some new and not-so-new garden plants. As always, his prose is extremely informative.” —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Whether you prefer woody vines and climbers or herbaceous ones (that die back to the ground in the winter), Armitage’s wisdom will guide you to choose the best selections for the space you want to cover.” —Muskogee Phoenix
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April 07, 2010