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Atlas Obscura + Gastro Obscura Book Set

By Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, Ella Morton, Cecily Wong

The Explorer’s Library combines the two New York Times bestselling guides from Atlas Obscura, packaged in a slipcase that evokes the timeless allure of travel. It is the perfect gift for the person who lets curiosity be their compass, who is alive to the world in all its possibilities.

Atlas Obscura, with over 860,000 copies in print, is a “wonderlust-whetting cabinet of curiosities on paper” (New York Times). It shot to the top of bestseller lists the moment it was released, and in its hundreds of unexpected entries that cover all corners of the globe, it changes the way we think about the world, expanding our sense of how strange and marvelous it really is.

A feast of wonder that has 215,000 copies in print in its first sixth months, Gastro Obscura is the national bestseller that transforms our sense of what people around the world eat and drink. Ready for a beer made from fog in Chile? Sardinia’s “threads of God” pasta? But far more than a menu of curious delicacies and unexpected dishes, Gastro Obscura focuses on food’s place in our lives, touching on history, culture, travel, festivals, and more.

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Joshua Foer

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Dylan Thuras

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February 22, 2022