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Axolotls: Day to ZZZ

By Stephanie Campisi

Illustrated by Susanna Covelli

Axolotls getting up
emerging from the rocks
they’re getting ready for their day— 
woken by their clocks.

Spend a day with the cutest smiling amphibians in their anthropomorphized world. Exercise with Flexolotl. Go to work with Lumberjaxalotl. Groove to the music with Saxolotl, and so many more! With silly wordplay and hilarious illustrations, Axolotls: Day to ZZZ is the perfect booxalotl for clever kids (and parents)!

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Stephanie Campisi headshot

Stephanie Campisi

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Susanna Covelli

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Review quotes
Campisi creatively takes readers through the everyday routines of personified axolotls, from getting up through visiting several places number of places and winding down at night to, finally, going to bed. With each turn of the page, Campisi presents a different activity as well as two to four axolotls with names spun from taking English words that end in -g, -k, -gz, or -ks sounds and adding “olotl” to the end. For example, among the creatures getting dressed, we have Soxolotl, who wears a lot of socks; among the doers of morning chores, we meet Eggsolotl. A soothing abcb rhyme also accompanies each part of the day. Covelli’s brightly colored illustrations add another level of fun for young readers, while the axolotl’s names and other text are colored to contrast sufficiently against the mid-ocean background for easy reading. Readers will not learn much about axolotls, but those who like words and the cuteness of axolotls will enjoy this book.
— Children's Literature
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Age range
0 - 4
Grade range
P - P
Number of pages
Publication date
March 01, 2022