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Bob Langrish’s World of Horses

A Master Photographer’s Lifelong Quest to Capture the Most Magnificent Horses in the World

By Bob Langrish

Text by Jane Holderness-Roddam

Foreword by George H. Morris

Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner

Bob Langrish’s World of Horses is the culminating collection of a master photographer who has traveled six continents in search of the most compelling horses in their native habitats.

From the Mongolian steppe to the South African desert, barrier islands to city streets, Langrish has recorded the lives and activities of these majestic and beloved animals. His images capture the grace and soul of horses in all shapes and sizes. Brisk, lively text by Olympic gold medalist Jane Holderness-Roddam accompanies each photo, relating the story of how horse behaviors and traits vary by habitat, as well as the behind-the-scenes details of Langrish’s adventures. Dramatic, poignant, and personal, Langrish’s photos are a testament to the ancient and abiding horse-human relationship.

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Bob Langrish

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Jane Holderness-Roddam

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George H. Morris

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Review quotes
“For the last two decades, Bob Langrish’s photography has been an essential part of Horse Illustrated. His gorgeous equine imagery has graced countless covers and been the cornerstone of the magazine’s signature breed profile. Through Bob’s lens, Horse Illustrated readers have experienced horse breeds from all corners of the globe and enjoyed the beauty of the horse in every form. Bob’s work has helped make Horse Illustrated one of the best-selling and most beloved equine publications in the U.S., raising the standards for equine photography to new levels.  This collection offers an amazing retrospective of Bob’s photo archives, with the added bonus of sharing the stories behind the striking images.” — Elizabeth Moyer, Editor, Horse Illustrated

“I adore this book. Bob Langrish is a marvelous and magical photographer who captures the world’s horses in all their charm, beauty, and jauntiness.” — Jilly Cooper, OBE, novelist
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October 02, 2018