Breathe, Empower, Achieve

5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Women—Reset, Refocus, and Find Your Work–Life Balance

By Shonda Moralis

Mindfulness for women who don’t have time for mindfulness—reset, refocus, and find your work–life balance

The modern woman is more overwhelmed than ever. Between pursuing a career, maintaining a personal life, and curating the perfect image, she finds herself asking: What work–life balance? But we can find balance—by building simple mindfulness techniques right into our hectic schedules. Now, psychotherapist Shonda Moralis coaches readers through her five-minute “mindful breaks”—each prompted by an everyday situation—and shares how to:
  • Breathe to promote calm and awareness with meditation.
  • Empower yourself with assertiveness and self-confidence.
  • Achieve your dreams by setting—and conquering—goals.
Armed with these fifty mindfulness techniques, plus advice from original interviews with empowered women, anyone can achieve balance in just five minutes a day!

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October 01, 2019
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