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Busy Little Hands: Food Play!

Activities for Preschoolers

By Amy Palanjian

Preschoolers learn how to prepare their own food with activities that foster fun in the kitchen and promote healthy eating habits. Colorful photo-driven recipes for making fruit wands, noodle bowls, chocolate smoothies, and more encourage kids to discover and expand their tastes and experience the joy and pride that come from making with their own hands the foods they eat.

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Meet the Author
Amy Palanjian headshot

Amy Palanjian

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Review quotes
"Busy Little Hands: Food Play! is a fun tool you can add to your parenting toolbox that can hopefully take away a bit of the stress that normally comes with cooking with kids. The delicious treats your kids get to whip up and enjoy are merely a bonus." Ashley Jones,

"This is crammed with great photos and instructions and basically, I couldn’t love it more." Jansen Bradshaw,

"This is such a cute, easy-to-use book. Highly recommended!" Heather Wish Staller, author of Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook
Product Details
Age range
3 - 5
Busy Little Hands
Number of pages
Publication date
November 10, 2020