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Can You Solve My Problems?

Ingenious, Perplexing, and Totally Satisfying Math and Logic Puzzles

By Alex Bellos

Puzzle lovers, rejoice!

Bestselling math writer Alex Bellos has a challenge for you: 125 of the world’s best brainteasers from the last two millennia.

Armed with logic alone, you’ll detect counterfeit coins, navigate river crossings, and untangle family trees. Then—with just a dash of high school math—you’ll tie a rope around the Earth, match wits with a cryptic wizard, and use four 4s to create every number from 1 to 50. (It can be done!)

The ultimate casebook for daring puzzlers, Can You Solve My Problems? also tells the story of the puzzle—from ancient China to Victorian England to modern-day Japan. Grab your pencil and get puzzling!

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Meet the Author
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Alex Bellos

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Review quotes
“Bellos has added a classic to the genre of math and logic puzzles. . . . Written with cohesive themes, clever content, and a studied awareness for enriching the reader's mind, this book is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys the experience of an aha! moment.”—Math Horizons, the Mathematical Association of America

“Think of the best storyteller you know and the coolest teacher you ever had, and now you’ve got some idea of what Alex Bellos is like.”
Steven Strogatz, author of The Joy of x
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Alex Bellos Puzzle Books
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March 21, 2017