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Candy Construction

How to Build Race Cars, Castles, and Other Cool Stuff out of Store-Bought Candy

By Sharon Bowers

Build a candy fantasy! Use ordinary store-bought candy and cookies as the raw material for a brand-new kind of crafting, where castles are made with wafer-cookie walls and race cars have Oreos for wheels. Sharon Bowers provides step-by-step instructions for dozens of whimsical and fun projects that will have you seeing candy in a whole new way. From licorice pirates and centipedes made from Life Savers to marshmallow aliens and candy bento boxes, the sweet possibilities are endless. 

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Meet the Author
Sharon Bowers headshot

Sharon Bowers

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Review quotes
...plenty of fabulous ideas using all kinds of colorful sweet treats.
Product Details
Age range
7 - 99
Grade range
2 - 17
Number of pages
Publication date
October 08, 2010