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Carnivorous Plants

Gardening with Extraordinary Botanicals

By Nigel Hewitt-Cooper

Once known only to collectors, adolescent boys, and fans of the cult film The Little Shop of Horrors, carnivorous plants are poised to be the next big trend in home gardening. They provide striking architectural style and can be grown indoors and outdoors. Carnivorous Plants is an accessible, smartly designed guide to growing this unusual group of plants. It offers a general introduction to the world of carnivorous plants, and growing and cultivation information for commonly available and easily grown varieties. Nigel Hewitt-Cooper also provides advice on where to grow the plants; year-round care, cultivation, and maintenance; and a directory of the best carnivorous plants for home gardeners. 

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Meet the Author
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Nigel Hewitt-Cooper

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Review quotes
“Carnivorous plants aren’t mere novelties; they have ‘grace and elegance.’—the beginning of a garden trend.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Whether your interest in carnivorous plants has just sparked, you wish you to inspire a friend, or you have already caught the bug, this is an excellent book.” —The Garden

“Nigel Hewitt-Cooper sheds light on the fascinating world of carnivorous plants.” —The English Garden

“Exquisite images demonstrate the beauty and complexity of these extraordinary plants and complement the text, providing information and temptation in equal measure. . . . If you can, buy two copies: one for the coffee table and one for the garden too.” —Gardens Illustrated

“Carnivorous plant expert Nigel Hewitt-Cooper shares his top tips on how to grow and care for the unique plants at home." —Exclusive Magazine

“Carnivorous plants are often a first introduction to gardening, not always with success. Buy this book alongside your early purchases and results will be transformed. Packed into its beautifully laid-out pages are concise practical instructions, mixed with innovative ideas and words of encouragement from Nigel Hewitt-Cooper, based on 35 years of accumulated knowledge, practical experience and enthusiasm. There seems to be Iittle excuse not to grow them.” —Gardens Illustrated best book of the year
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Publication date
February 24, 2016