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Charred & Scruffed

With Peter Kaminsky

By Adam Perry Lang

Photographs by Simon Wheeler

“The best grilling book on the market.”

With Charred & Scruffed, bestselling cookbook author and acclaimed chef Adam Perry Lang employs his extensive culinary background to refine and concentrate the flavors and textures of barbecue and reimagine its possibilities.

Adam's new techniques, from roughing up meat and vegetables ("scruffing") to cooking directly on hot coals ("clinching") to constantly turning and moving the meat while cooking ("hot potato"), produce crust formation and layers of flavor, while his board dressings and finishing salts build upon delicious meat juices, and his "fork finishers"—like cranberry, hatch chile, and mango "spackles"—provide an intensely flavorful, concentrated end note.

Meanwhile, side dishes such as Creamed Spinach with Steeped and Smoked Garlic Confit, Scruffed Carbonara Potatoes, and Charred Radicchio with Sweet-and-Sticky Balsamic and Bacon, far from afterthoughts, provide exciting contrast and synergy with the "mains."

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Meet the Authors
Peter Kaminsky headshot

Peter Kaminsky

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Adam Perry Lang headshot

Adam Perry Lang

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Simon Wheeler

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Review quotes

“Perry Lang has rewritten the rules of grilling. His latest book, Charred & Scruffed, is a bible for a new kind of charcoal-fired religion.”

Bon Appetit

“Full of serious barbecue how-to with plentiful photos.”

Better Homes & Gardens


“If you know a person ready to get his—or, hello, her—Ph.D. in grilling, this will blow his (or her) already expanded mind.”

New York Times Book Review


“In this book, [Adam Perry Lang] shares the creative theories and techniques that have made him a perennial award winner on the national barbecue circuit.”

Martha Stewart Living


“A whole new way of looking at grilling.”

 –Orlando Sentinel


“Well-written and easy to follow recipes . . . nothing short of revolutionary.”

 –Austin Chronicle


 “Inspiring and loaded with great tips.”

Charlotte Observer


“Adam Perry Lang is the Yoda of grilling. This is his third book on the subject and his most in-depth yet.”

The Daily


“A perfect handbook for savory summer foods, with new techniques for cooking meat, fish and poultry on the grill, plus tips and tricks for fantastic sides.”



 “A new sort of twenty first century barbecue. . . . Any serious backyard barbecuer who follows these recipes will very quickly leave the rest of neighborhood pit masters wallowing in ashes.”



 “New grilling techniques for achieving crunchy crusts, succulent meat and perfect side dishes. If this sounds complicated, it isn’t. [Perry Lang has] made it easy.”

Providence Journal


 “An elegant and inventive barbecue cookbook.”

Library Journal


“No one knows more about cooking food over fire than Adam Perry Lang, and his techniques are all here.”

–David Chang

"Breaks newgrilling ground with well-written recipes."

--Fine Cooking

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Publication date
May 08, 2012