Clean Enough

Get Back to Basics and Leave Room for Dessert

By Katzie Guy-Hamilton

Foreword by Habib Sadeghi

Redefine clean eating with over 100 whole-food, vegetarian savories and sweets that nourish your body and mind—every day

It seems that every day a new superfood or gadget promises to be the key to making healthy eating a reality. Ditch the trends and get back to basics with this comprehensive guide to cooking with simple, whole ingredients that don’t require sacrificing flavor or satisfaction—including the often taboo category of dessert.

Here are over 100 inspiring recipes that make real foods—from greens and grains to chocolate and cream—sing, with methods and combinations perfect for whipping up on a weekday night, leisurely preparing on weekends with plenty of leftovers, or impressing guests with at a dinner party.

From energizing the day with a Green Pow Wow Smoothie, munching on Luxury Granola at the office or on your sofa, savoring a crisp bite of Charred Broccoli with Poached and Crispy Miso Sweet Potatoes, or indulging in a slice of Pan di Spagna, this refreshing approach to health proves that eating clean enough is the key to satisfaction at every meal.

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Katzie Guy-Hamilton

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Habib Sadeghi

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Review quotes
“Stunning, exciting, and inviting. These colorful, delicious recipes for every occasion dance off the page, offering a new approach to eating, and living, ‘clean.’ I want to jump right into this culinary adventure and enjoy a story and meal with Katzie. Clean Enough is a special gift and has changed the way I cook forever.”
Sherry Yard, James Beard Award winner

“Rarely do we see expertise as a chef and pastry chef, plus in the areas of fitness and nutrition, wrapped up into one person. Wellness authority Katzie Guy-Hamilton is the exception. Giving care and attention to your body and mind through conscious clean eating is her priority, but so is being okay with satisfying the sweet side of life. These detailed recipes offer streamlined yet dynamic combinations of a wide array of whole foods, and show off her impressive knowledge of the power and history of so many ingredients. I can’t wait to start living Clean Enough!”
Elizabeth Falkner, Author of Demolition Desserts, “Next Iron Chef” finalist

“This is so much more than a cookbook—it’s a handbook for anyone who wants to live a balanced life, and a guide to honoring the food that nourishes us and brings us pleasure. With Clean Enough, Katzie Guy-Hamilton encourages her readers to acknowledge the realities and the demands of daily living: She teaches us to be mindful of what our bodies need and what they crave, and ultimately to be more thoughtful in the kitchen. Clean Enough is really a book for how we live and cook today: a delicious roadmap to becoming our most whole, happiest selves.”
Suzanne Lenzer, food stylist and author of Graze: Inspiration for Small Plates and Meandering Meals

“When it comes to eating healthy, most of us are little lost sheep in a field of wolves, being devoured by one health fad after another. Katzie Guy-Hamilton’s simple yet profound reminder that we’re enough shows that balance, not perfection, can gently guide us toward having a better relationship with the food in our lives. Clean Enough is full of delicious recipes and tantalizing photos, plus deep culinary and personal insights on what it means to be truly well.”
Waris Ahluwalia, founder, House of Waris

“Katzie Guy-Hamilton's way of cooking 'clean' and 'enough' are free of judgment and fit every lifestyle. From congee to cookies, from hot water with lemon (a reminder that a little bit goes a long way) to designer cashew milk (with that luxurious hint of lavender), these recipes make me feel like a million bucks—and prove that food has the power to heal you in just the way that you need.”
Leiti Hsu, show host, “Word of Mouth”
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January 01, 2019
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