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Cooking with Whey

A Cheesemaker's Guide to Using Whey in Probiotic Drinks, Savory Dishes, Sweet Treats, and More

By Claudia Lucero

Anyone who’s ever made cheese at home knows that roughly three-quarters of every gallon of milk transforms into a perplexing byproduct called whey. “Don’t throw away your whey!” says cheesemaker Claudia Lucero. In Cooking with Whey, Lucero shares 60 inventive recipes that use whey, which is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, and adds creaminess and flavor to foods. Sweet whey, a byproduct of cheesemaking enhances baked goods and smoothies. Acid whey, produced in yogurt- and kefir-making, is ideal for brining meat, kick-starting ferments, and adding tang to main dishes. From Brazilian Limeade and Strawberry Oat Milk to Skillet Cornbread, Broth-Poached Salmon, Honey Caramels, Espresso Martinis, and many more mouth-watering recipes for beverages, soups, breads, desserts, and everyday meals, this book is the key to unlocking a delightfully surprising array of ways to put whey to work! 

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Claudia Lucero

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"Lucero is a magician who has solved the mystery of turning what most see as waste into liquid gold. Her creative ideas will put you in touch with one of nature's oldest, most nutritious broths."  --Louella Hill, owner of Ballerino Creamery and cheese instructor with Milk Street Cooking School

“It’s easy to find opportunities to learn cheesemaking, but until now no one has talked about what to do with the whey! Lucero shows you how to use your whey to make nutritious, delicious dishes and drinks.” – Robyn Jackson, Cheese from Scratch

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October 25, 2022