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Debunking the Bump

What the Data Really Says About Pregnancy's 165 Biggest Risks and Myths

By Daphne Adler

Stay away from sushi! Cut out caffeine! Get rid of your cat! Step away from the microwave!

Pregnant women are bombarded with "risk factors" they must avoid from the moment the stick turns pink. Heroic mothers-to-be sacrifice their favorite foods and activities for the sake of their baby, but with such long lists of "don'ts" and conflicting information, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Daphne Adler, a mathematician, management consultant, and self-proclaimed "numbers junkie" turns her expertise to pregnancy and the real research behind the risks. With thousands of cited sources, Adler wades through the research to reveal which factors are truly threats to a healthy pregnancy and which are simply red herrings or old wives' tales. From cheese to sex to saunas, Debunking the Bump sheds light on everything expectant mothers need to know to avoid the real risks without skipping the sushi.

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Daphne Adler

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"In this important book, Adler, a mathematician, management consultant, and self-proclaimed 'numbers junkie,' equips mothers with researched data behind recommendations for what to do (and not do) during pregnancy . . . She writes in a tone that is both authoritative and assuring—that of a mother rooting for all other mothers."
Publishers Weekly

"Adler makes it clear that for so many of these topics, more research is needed, but the studies that have been cited are meticulously documented at the end of each chapter. This fun, informative book will help pregnant readers keep things in perspective"
Tulsa Book Review

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April 01, 2018